Treatment Options & Prices

Professional Lice Services

As trained professionals with years of experience in head lice treatment we offer the most up to date treatment options and customize services based on the needs of each family.


Screening and Treatment Consultation

Prior to proceeding with any treatment our certified technician will carefully inspect your head and scalp for evidence of head lice.  If an active case of head lice is confirmed we will discuss treatment recommendations.

$30.00 per person  (this fee is waived if treatment is needed)

We recommend all members of the same household and close contacts be screened if we confirm a positive case of head lice.


Signature Dehydration Treatment

One and Done Full Service Treatment

This is our most popular and effective lice treatment option. It is a 3-step procedure which includes our dehydration process (kills both the bugs and eggs on contact), a 30 minute comb-out to remove the dead lice and eggs and an oil application. This 3-step full-service treatment option ensures you will leave lice free with no follow-up needed. With a success rate of over 99+%, we are so confident you will leave lice free, we offer a 30-day service re-treatment policy* provided all family members have been checked for head lice in our clinic and treated as necessary.

$199 per person

*In the unlikely event of treatment failure, we will re-treat you for FREE!

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Short-Form Dehydration Treatment

This option is only available to people who cannot have their hair combed out.

It includes our dehydration process (kills both the eggs and bugs on contact) and oil application. This is the only option for those with dreadlocks, hair extensions or hair that can’t be combed for reasons such as matted knots, a tender head or fragile hair. We do not offer our 30-day re-treatment policy for this service. 

$175 per person

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Comb-Out Treatment

We do not recommend our dehydration process for children under 3 and a half. In these cases, we recommend a strand by strand traditional comb-out to remove lice and eggs using only non-toxic products. This option requires the following: an oil application on day 5 and day 10 and some additional combing at home. Detailed instructions are provided along with support from our 24 hour lice line if needed.

$150-175 per person and includes an 8oz bottle of oil rinse (additional bottles of oil may be needed depending on the length and thickness of the hair).


Do-It-Yourself Lice Removal Products

Our most affordable treatment option!   We provide all the topical treatment products you will need, a professional lice comb, and detailed instructions on how to properly perform the comb-out. Since most people are not experienced at lice-removal, it will take substantially more time than our professional 1 and done treatment performed at our clinics. The caregiver will need to conduct several follow-up procedures during the next 10 days. This option requires the following: Purchase of an at-home kit , section by section combing every other day for 10 days, as well as an oil application to the scalp on day 1, again on day 5 and on day 10. We do not offer our 30-DAY re-treatment policy for this service.

The starter kit,  a professional grade lice comb and 8oz of oil rinse. Price is customized based on the length and thickness of hair and the number of family members being treated.