Since 2016, we have successfully treated over 5000 patients in a single, 1 hour treatment using a science based dehydration process.

Now that’s a lot of BUGS!

We Kill Lice AND Lice Eggs In A Single Treatment

Head lice combing services and OTC products do not kill BOTH lice and their eggs. Dehydration Technology is the ONLY head lice eradication procedure that does not require multiple treatments.

Non-Toxic & Pesticide Free

A science-based proven method that controlls both temperature and air flow. No chemicals or dangerous toxins are ever used during our lice removal process


In-Clinic Head Lice Education

Head lice can cause a lot of stress for families. Our goal is to provide you with a complete head lice education so you have a thorough understanding of the life cycle of lice, how lice spreads and how to prevent getting lice in the future.

Lice Clinics of Pennsylvania is the
Delaware Valley’s #1 Lice Removal Service.

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We get rid of head lice. That’s all we do. Our Dehydration Treatment is 99%+ effective in killing both lice and their eggs on contact through a proven, safe controlled air process. Request an appointment or call to talk with a certified technician to learn more about our clinic and our head lice screening and treatment services.


Our signature dehydration process performed in a clean, child friendly salon setting,  kills lice and eggs in a single, 1 hour treatment. Unlike professional combing services, our procedure does NOT require any at-home follow up treatments. We do all the work. Yep, you are 100% lice free in 60 minutes or less and we guarantee it!

*Lice Clinics of Pennsylvania offers a 30-day lice re-treatment policy on head lice removal treatments using heated-air


Introducing new, science-based lice removal technology since 2016, we’ve successfully treated thousands of families in the Delaware Valley. We stand behind our process, because we know it works better and faster than ANY other lice removal service.


  • EXPERTISE: Treating head lice is absolutely best left to a trained professional. Our in depth knowledge of how to effectively kill and remove lice and their eggs will save you considerable time and stress.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Our exclusive full service treatment using proven, Dehydration Technology kill 99% of lice, even super lice, every time and we guarantee it!
  • COST: Treating head lice yourself can easily become more expensive than a professional treatment. More than ½ our patients come to us AFTER spending a considerable amount of money on over-the-counter products that are ineffective



The evolution of SUPER LICE means over-the-counter products are ineffective, which makes it extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive to treat lice at home. Super lice are head lice that have genetically mutated to become resistant to the active ingredients in most traditional lice treatment products. Super Lice do not look any different from regular lice.

No Money Down. No Interest. NO LICE.


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Today I went to visit Sharon at Lice Clinics of America and this is my 2nd time my daughter and I got checked and treated for lice. I was always scared about lice but Sharon is very informative and has a great personality. She made feel calm and the process as always quick and easy and efficient! I would recommend her services if you're not familiar with lice and how how to treat it. Thank you Sharon for always being a big help for us!!!

Kaley C

Well, it was pretty horrifying when I confirmed that my son had lice. Sharon was fantastic and fit my entire family in for an appointment at the last minute, because I could not handle waiting for the closer location to have time for us in a couple days. It turned out that only two of us had it, including my autism-spectrum kid. I’m not going to lie - my son did not love the treatment - but I am 100% certain that he would have hated the at-home treatment even more (it’s a challenge to even brush his hair, let alone comb it with a lice comb repeatedly), Also, Sharon didn’t bat an eye when my son’s discomfort led to inappropriate behavior/commentary, which was incredibly appreciated. And since it turned out that I had lice, too (O.M.G.), I really appreciated the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are done with all of this after one appointment. I still went a little nuts on washing and drying everything on high heat when we went home, but it could have been much, much worse.

Lara B

Quick and efficient! I called and got an apt right away, they worked with me to make a time that fit from where I was traveling from. The treatment was quick easy and stress free - they even worked amazing with my one year old daughter and made the whole experience and breakdown as simple as possible! Save your time energy and money re: over the counter treatments and just make this place your first stop, you will thank me later!

Amber L

Sharon did a wonderful job. She was quick and efficient, and gave us all the information we needed. She saw us on a Saturday right after calling her. She is great with kids. My daughter is on the autism spectrum, and I was worried she was not going to tolerate the noise from the machine they use to dehydrate the eggs. What a relief to get rid of lice just in one hour! I would go back in a second if this ever happens to us again. These clinics do an amazing job helping families in a stressful situation. I wish I had heard about them much earlier. Thanks Sharon!!

Maria S